Each situation requires its own approach, a solution that is tailored to the issues your organization faces. Because we supply products and services within the complete charging chain, we can always come up with a solution that suits you. Do you want to electrify your parking spaces? Or do you want to make EV charging possible for your customers? Yeet! Urban offers everyone a suitable and cost-neutral charging solution.
Innovative charging solutions
Urban offers innovative charging solutions for electric cars, car parks, government agencies, the entertainment industry, hotels and more. We think in terms of solutions, whether that means fast chargers or complete charging systems makes no difference. We listen to your needs and come up with a tailor-made offer. With our advanced charging system, we can set up a network of 20 to 2,000 charging points with the possible installation of a transformer with a capacity of up to 1 MW. The intelligent yeet! Energy Management Systems (YEMS) very efficiently distribute the electricity that passes through the transformer, so that no superfluous electricity is lost.
YEMS & Scale Up
YEMS can automatically switch charging stations on and off for you at the desired times, so that you can, for example, only facilitate charging during office hours. The combination between YEMS and the charge points is also called yeet! Scale Up, an appropriate term for all the possibilities of upgrading parking spaces with this system. A yeet! Scale Up starter pack consists of 20 charge points controlled by YEMS. You decide whether that means 5 charge points with 4 charge points each or 20 charge points with one charge point each. One YEMS can control up to 69 charge points, after which we supplement the system with a second YEMS. You can expand the Scale Up system with sets of 20 charge points, for which you pay less than €1000 per each.
Want to know if Scale Up is right for your company? Get a quote here
Our yeet! experts are happy to advise you about a suitable charging solution for your location in the current situation. We also include possible exploitation options for the next ten years and the expected growth based on our database and statistics. Possible financing, rent, software and installation can also be included.
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