Technological developments combined with the development of artificial intelligence is something we cannot ignore these days. Yeet! works daily on the development, delivery, installation and exploitation of smart charging systems for electric vehicles. This would not be possible without our leading yeet! Technology and state-of-the-art software from EVA9. Together we provide groundbreaking technologies in combination with revolutionary software applications. For example, yeet! is the only company in the world with the ability to place transformers within urban areas due to the Faraday cage.
We facilitate the complete chain from power supply and laying of power cables to the integration of tailor-made software from EVA9 with the systems at your location. To manage our solutions in a smart way, we use our EVA9 software for Virtual Power Plants, electricity distribution and communication with charging stations in combination with payment systems, databases, cloud solutions and various apps. Yeet! takes care of the integration of its own software with all other necessary applications, such as site management, barriers, parking fees and payment systems.
Suitable for applications within ERP systems
ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and stands for software use within an organization to support all processes within the company. An ERP system automates and connects different business processes within an organization. The integration of ERP ensures the automation of activities, central storage in a database and real-time access to reports and data. This complexity and the integration of tailor-made software is realized by EVA9.
Smart data processing
Our charge points can be easily connected to your car, which enables us to read information (if the car allows this) about things like the charging status and remaining charging time. With EVA9 we are able to process large amounts of information simultaneously and control the charging stations individually. Think of charging stations automatically switching off, intelligent distribution of energy and integration with your own payment system, and more. Even our transformers can be managed remotely thanks to EVA9. With an internet connection, the status can be checked continuously. The status updates contain information about, for example, the transformer and the substation up to temperature measurements.
Smart sensors
By integrating smart sensors, 5G technology and EVA9 into our charging networks, we are able to collect data such as air pollution, temperature and traffic flows, depending on the requirements. EV networks are the latest wired networks to cover entire cities and towns. This opens up new possibilities for the future and the integration of Smart City Solutions.

Smart City Solutions

By installing smart EV charging equipment, we can develop Smart Cities. Through the link between our hardware and the smart software of EVA9, we can create several data points and thereby collect and analyze data within a closed cloud system. This data is used to make cities 'smarter'. Smart Cities can use this data, analyses and algorithms to devise, implement and evaluate smarter policies. By using as much data as possible, we can make urban infrastructures and networks more intelligent, which makes the possibilities of smart cities seem endless.

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is a city that is governed by data. This data is collected through various sensors in the city. These sensors already measure, for example, road pressure, air pollution and the flow on roads and sewers. This data, combined with the social media behavior of people and statistics generated by organizations such as CBS, creates a big data database with all kinds of different data and parameters. Software algorithms then convert this data into useful information for municipalities and cities to make the city more intelligent and efficient.
Examples of Smart City Solutions
Large companies such as UPS and Amazon are effectively using big data analytics to more efficiently route vehicles and drones with products they expect to be ordered in certain regions. The American city of Seattle is already using software predictions to fight crime. Based on data, the police send officers to a place earlier to prevent crimes. Rio de Janeiro did something similar in the run-up to the 2016 Olympic Games with a measuring system in the city full of cameras and other instruments. As a result, the city could have emergency services arrive 30% faster.
What does our technology mean for you?
Contact us and our advisors will be happy to calculate the potential benefits for you. We have all the latest statistics on charging behavior and sales of electric vehicles. Our leading knowledge of electrical engineering enables us to offer an optimal charging solution. If requested, we will carry out a full site analysis with all the possible solutions in mind, to arrive at the ultimate model that matches your wishes and situation.
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