Smart Grid

We live in an age where electricity has become indispensable. Electric cars, mobile devices, smart home devices seem to support us more and more in our everyday lives. We need so much energy for our daily activities that we are approaching the point of power shortage. The redistribution, availability and smart use of electricity ensure that Smart Grids will be badly needed in the future. A Smart Grid is an electricity network in which all users, in addition to using electricity, can also supply it back to the network.
Green electricity
Besides the fact that countries generate a lot of energy through gas, oil and coal-fired power stations every year, they also increasingly make use of renewable energy sources such as windmills, biomass, geothermal and solar energy. Yeet! wants to make the transition to full use of these kinds of energy sources and is committed to a future-proof and sustainable energy system. Because of our technological knowledge, we are ahead of the rest and can make the Dutch energy system ready for the future.
Smart Grid
A Smart Grid is the intelligent redistribution of electricity within a network. Every electricity network consists of various 'nodes', where a Smart Grid determines the route it will take. Think for example of the route of the cheapest electricity or the most efficient distribution. Whereas electricity is normally supplied directly from the power plant to the consumer, a Smart Grid responds to the electricity supply and demand. For example, a Smart Grid can prevent an overload of a network by intelligently redistributing electricity and the 'excess' of electricity can be fed back into the network.
Yeet!’s Smart Energy Distribution
With its vision of Smart Grids, yeet! develops intelligent energy networks. These are energy networks that can be easily managed using EVA9, using our in-depth knowledge of the world of modern electrical engineering. The intelligent YEMS distribution station determines where the energy flows go and what it is used for. The resources at our disposal enable us to make existing infrastructures more efficient and intelligent. Think, for example, of the installation of smart neighbourhood batteries, enabling energy to be stored and distributed locally.
Micro grids
Yeet! works on the design of complete micro grids, which use energy more efficiently through renewable energy sources. Think of solar panels, heat pumps or wind turbines. Dynamic load balancing is one of the core elements within a micro grid and helps to prevent energy waste. With intelligent battery storage systems, we can better arrange local supply and consumption of electricity. Take, for example, the energy surplus generated by solar panels, which is usually not stored and is lost after a while. In a micro grid this extra energy is distributed between households locally or stored temporarily.
Want to know more about smart grid integration?
Our expert will be happy to tell you more about the solutions that smart grids can offer in your situation. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.
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