Scale Up

At a time when the demand for electric charging facilities is rapidly increasing, it is imperative that any future EV charging network must be suitable for current demand and ready for the future. Yeet! offers the possibility of a complete service package with yeet! Scale Up. Suitable for a larger number of charge points in a system consisting of 20 to 2,000 charge points. Yeet! offers cost-effective and public charging solutions, including the necessary operating software and hardware.
What is yeet! Scale Up?
Yeet! Scale Up is the complete charging solution for electrifying your car park, controlled by our intelligent yeet! Energy Management System (YEMS). We offer customized EV charging network options for every industry. The flexibility of our system, our varied product range and our technological lead enable us to offer charging solutions for any situation. In addition, retrofitting of the charging stations is possible at any time.
yeet! Energy Management System
As our daily demand for electricity increases, the supply of power becomes an important issue. With our innovative technologies, we are able to handle the power supply in a smarter way. Rather than needing more power, we can distribute the available quantity more efficiently. Our yeet! Energy Management System, also known as YEMS, is suitable for approx. 68 charge points. YEMS combines the advanced EVA9 software with the charge points, allowing us to send power to individual charge points, taking into account factors such as how long a car is at a charge point and how much power is needed at any given time.
Why Scale Up is different from the rest
Yeet! Scale Up is ideally suited for car parks, both indoors and outdoors. YEMS can apply intelligent electricity distribution to all connected charge points, making our systems also suitable for locations with a lower power capacity. In addition, our installation costs are up to 40% lower compared to other charge point systems.
What are the costs of Scale Up charging stations?
This charging solution is basically supplied with 20 charging points. Our Scale Up package is available from a total price of €69,500. All our prices include installation and connection costs to the energy grid, as well as any standing charges. In addition, we offer a standard expansion set of 12 charge points for a total price of €11,199, which makes the price per charge point and its installation cheaper than for regular charge points. Prices may vary depending on the customization you request.
Want to know if Scale Up suits your company? Request a quote here
Our yeet! experts are happy to give you advice on a suitable charging solution for your location in the current situation. We also include possible exploitation options for the next ten years and the expected growth based on our database and statistics. Possible financing, rent, EVA9-software and installation can also be included.
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