Mobility as a Service

In today's society, it is impossible to imagine life without the concept of business mobility. There are all kinds of reasons to provide Mobility as a Service within a city, municipality or even business park. Yeet! can provide a wide range of mobility services with its wide range of products, including integration with charging systems for cars and e-bikes. Stimulate sustainable travel behaviour and invest in Mobility as a Service.
What is Mobility as a Service?
Mobility as a Service connects multiple networks to improve mobility in municipalities. MaaS focuses on electric and public transport. This creates a new movement where the focus shifts from individual use to public use. No more individual cars or bicycles, but an integrated mobility network in which electric bicycles and cars belong to a universal sharing system. The basis of Mobility as a Service is offering the best transport possibilities based on the travel behaviour of your employees or surroundings, thus improving efficiency within your company or environment.
Yeet! introduces Mobility as a Service
Yeet! integrates mobility in different work environments by means of integrated hardware & software provided by EVA9. Next to the construction of smart charging networks, we also want to push for electric shared bicycles and electric cars. In this way, mobility in a region can increase and still produce more economical traffic. We want to realise this in cooperation with Cesano and Batt Mobility. The electric vehicles you want to use for this purpose, can be provided with your own branding if desired.
Wondering if Mobility as a Service fits your company?
Let our experts advise you. They will discuss all possible solutions that fit your situation. By keeping up with the latest statistics, we can perform up-to-date analyses and include your situation and future opportunities in a proposal. Contact us and we will help you find the right solution.
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