Power Systems

We make complexity simple. At yeet! we have a whole new vision of mobility, energy and technology. Smart devices with intelligent energy distribution and software engineering are needed to facilitate the massive demand for EV-charging, charging solutions and the generation of Smart City solutions. By combining our extensive knowledge of electrical engineering with recent research into the latest developments, yeet! Power Systems is able to offer solutions for modern issues.
Yeet! Power Systems solutions
Electrifying electric vehicles (EV) in public and private sectors such as museums, swimming pools, apartment buildings and car parks is a challenge. Yeet! Power Systems develops, produces and installs charging solutions for everyone. Yeet! wants to create a complete, smart infrastructure that is future-proof and uses energy efficiently.

Yeet! believes that every EV charging network should be suitable to the extent of the current situation. This means cost-efficient and minimally cost-neutral from the very first moment, and furthermore ready for the future. Yeet! Power Systems combines various branches in order to realize the best scenario for every situation:
  • Technology - Advanced techniques and software supplied by EVA9.
  • Smart Grid - Construction of a complete electricity network to local neighbourhood batteries.
  • Scale Up - Electrification of parking spaces.
  • Urban - Integrated charging solutions for different sectors.
  • Mobility as a service - Connecting networks in an area to increase mobility.
Location analysis
Yeet! conducts an extensive feasibility study for each location. For this, we have all the necessary statistics regarding electric charging and the number of total electric cars within a country, region or area. We have the latest sales figures and all our statistics are adjusted and updated every two weeks. This distinguishes between types of cars, expected kW's per kilometer and total usage. Ultimately, an analysis of all this data results in an exact estimate of your location.
Installation of an electric charging network
You will find no surprises when teaming up with yeet! We will take care of the complete installation, and all our prices include installation and connection costs to the local grid. In the site analysis we measure the electricity capacity to see if we can supply the EV charging network with enough electricity before we start the installation.
Yeet! Power Systems Exploitatie B.V. offers exploitation possibilities and, if desired, offers a customized exploitation model. This takes into account the desired investment risk up to the full exploitation, with predicted profits for the risk-taker. The possible supply of power, end user invoicing and the management of charging cards can be included in this. Want to know more about exploitation possibilities? Go to our yeet! Exploitation page for more information or contact us.
Charging station at your company? Request a quote
Our yeet! experts are happy to advise you on a suitable charging solution for your location in the current situation. We also include possible exploitation options for the next ten years and the corresponding expected growth based on our database and statistics. Possible financing, rent, EVA9-software and installation can also be included.
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