Public spaces

Museums, theaters, sports buildings, the library, the shopping center and swimming pools; these are facilities that can be found in cities and where a lot of traffic is daily present. These facilities are also the kind of places where vehicles often stay for longer periods, mostly in car parks that can accommodate many vehicles. Yeet! understands what obstacles these locations face, and offers practical solutions.
The presence of electric cars, as part of traffic in general, is getting stronger by the day. The sales of electric cars more than doubled in Europe last year compared to 2019. This trend only seems to accelerate, so we need to find charging solutions to keep up. It is no longer sufficient for a car park of a local museum or zoo to consist only of asphalt and white lines. We need enough charging points for people who want to combine a charge with a day out. Yeet! has the tools to address this challenge in the best possible way.

EV chargers
The first option for making a public car park EV friendly is to install more charging stations. By installing these posts in a number of specific parking spaces, you offer guests the opportunity to charge their car while visiting your location. You can choose to do this for free or have visitors pay (extra) for parking. Installing a charging station is not only good for the ethical value of your facility, but also for your wallet. Moreover, there is a chance that guests will stay longer at your location, waiting for a fully charged car and resulting in extra transactions.
Wall boxes
If you are looking for charging solutions for a covered parking facility, you have the option of installing wall boxes in addition to charging stations. This charging solution has less capacity than a charging station (max. 22kW), but is more compact and very suitable for indoor locations, for example.
yeet! Energy Management System
Many public spaces have a large parking capacity. Think of zoos, sports halls or cinemas. Often, these large areas also make use of other systems such as payment terminals and barriers. With the yeet! Energy Management System all these components plus installed charging stations and wall boxes can be connected to each other. This system is therefore very suitable for large car parks with multiple charging solutions. YEMS ensures that all data is connected to one central network and can also be controlled via this route. This way, you have all data from your various technical systems in one place, and you have a direct overview of how your car park is doing.
Scale Up
Yeet! can expand the charging network of your parking lot via Scale Up. You can choose this system when you want to make at least 20 charge points available to your visitors in a car park. Scale Up is a unique system that uses YEMS and EVA9 software to distribute power efficiently over all charge points, even at low-power capacity. Yeet! does an extensive location analysis beforehand, with statistics that contain, for example, the number of electric cars in a certain area. This results in an accurate estimate of the value behind an investment.
Yeet! is happy to help you
Finding out what is suitable for your company is not always easy. That is why we like to help you. We come and do a field analysis beforehand to see which options are best for you and your company. Which products are placed on which scale and when? These are questions that we discuss with you to achieve the best results together. Investing in the future, yeet! helps you further. Please contact us via our contact page.
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