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Cities never stop growing. They grow along with residents and with the economy, but especially with time. The reality is that the here and now requires innovative, sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. The number of electric cars on the Dutch roads will double by 2020. The population is increasingly opting for sustainability and, fortunately, they are supported in this by the government. On a large scale, this is done through tax advantages, and on a small scale through the installation of sufficient charging points in public places.
However, the switch from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives is far from complete. The number of electric vehicles on the road will continue to grow in the coming years. It is up to the various government bodies to support the population in this and to keep the increase going. Fortunately, we can help. Government agencies operate at different levels, from rural to urban and from large to small. That's why we offer different options in different degrees, allowing yeet! to grow with you, no matter how big the project.

When an increasing part of the inhabitants in a municipality drives an electric car, it is important that the municipality responds to this change. On a municipal level, the supply of EV-chargers is therefore possible in many forms.

In towns and villages there are often numerous public parking options. Not only the large parking garages, but also the car park in front of the town hall, the car park of the museum or that of the zoo. It is up to the municipality to make these places suitable for the growing number of electric car drivers. Not only to serve the residents who already drive electric cars, but also to stimulate other residents to switch from petrol and diesel cars. By providing an extensive charging network at all kinds of public locations, municipalities send out a signal to residents, which will ultimately lead to a cleaner, quieter and more responsible municipality.
Charging stations
For small parking lots, installing our charging stations is a good option. By installing EV chargers, the municipality offers visitors of public locations the option to recharge their electric car in the meantime. The charging stations of yeet! can be equipped with 5G connectivity, microphones, multiple sensors, an LED screen and more. With a power supply of up to 44kW, it can charge all electric cars easily and quickly.
yeet! Energy Management System (YEMS)
At larger car parks, multiple charging stations will be installed automatically. YEMS is a unique product from yeet! that not only connects all charging stations, but also possible barriers and payment systems. YEMS ensures that all these components come together in one central network and can also be controlled from there. All information is then stored in this system, giving you a direct overview of all possible data.
Smart Cities
From parking spaces to complete cities, yeet! is growing with us. As YEMS works for the connectivity of parking spaces, so do Smart City solutions for cities. With our smart charging solutions we connect cities and collect data. We create citywide data points that send information to a closed cloud system. With that information, municipalities can implement and evaluate smarter policies.
What kind of information is it about? A fair question. It can vary from road pressure and traffic flow to air pollution. Combine this with other statistics such as those from the CBS and an enormous database is created. With this, cities can better respond to the needs of residents.
Where municipalities arrange EV facilities at starting points and destinations, there is a need at the provincial level to install charging points en route. Especially when electric vehicles have to cover longer distances, the opportunity to recharge in between is necessary. It is not desirable to drive into a business park or municipality every time. With the explosive increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road, it is possible that drivers will base their route on the availability of charging stations, both inside and outside built-up areas. In the future, an electric charging station will be as common as a petrol station is today along the freeway.
Power Stations
A yeet! Power Station is an electric filling station, but considerably cheaper. Electric cars, delivery vans and even trucks can charge quickly and easily at a Power Station with our special fast chargers. Our Power Stations consist of two fast chargers and one parking space for a waiting vehicle. Our modern charging stations have a capacity of 350 kW per charge, with two simultaneous charges this is twice 175 kW. We at yeet! take care of the costs and work, both for software and hardware.
Scale Up
When there are large numbers of EV chargers for multi-storey car parks, yeet! Scale Up comes in handy. This system is suitable from 20 charge points and can be expanded to as many as 2,000 points. All these charge points are connected to each other via the yeet! Energy Management System, which distributes electricity intelligently. Data is meanwhile transferred to a central database. To justify such an investment, yeet! does extensive location analyses based on EV statistics. With our information, we can draw important conclusions about charging behavior, car type, location and user and make an accurate assessment of how profitable such an investment would be at your location.
Yeet! is happy to help you
Finding out what is suitable for your company is not always easy. That's why we like to help you. We come and do a site analysis beforehand to see which options are best for you and your company. Which products are placed on which scale and when? These are questions that we discuss with you to achieve the best results together. Investing in the future, yeet! helps you further. Please contact us via our contact page.
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