Are you looking for smart charging solutions to make your car park future-proof? Yeet! specializes in preparing, installing, and analyzing various EV-charging options. Our wide range is especially developed considering the explosive growth of the number of electric vehicles on the road. Facilitating electric chargers at car parks therefore plays a major role in our vision. Filling up at the side of the freeway is slowly but surely being replaced by recharging at home or at a destination. Drivers of electric cars are increasingly looking for parking areas with EV chargers.
Perhaps your car park already has one or more charging solutions installed and you are looking for expansion possibilities. Or maybe you are just starting to explore options. Whatever phase you are in, yeet! can help you on any scale.

EV chargers
To make public car parks suitable for electric vehicles, installing charging stations is never a bad idea. With these, you offer your guests the possibility to charge their car while visiting your location. This can be free of charge or at a fixed rate that will change to a parking fee, the choice is yours as a permit or location holder. We can also equip the charge points with 5G, sensors or microphones, among other things, to create a smart network that can provide you with all kinds of information. Not only does this make our charging stations multifunctional and multi-purpose, but with our sleek design, ample power capacity and integration with existing systems, you can do anything you want.
Wall boxes
If you are looking for a charging solution for a covered parking area, you have the option of installing wall boxes in addition to charging stations. This charging solution has less capacity than a charging station (max. 22kW), but is more compact and very suitable for indoor locations, for example.
yeet! Energy Management System
YEMS can be used for several solutions. For instance, it is the driving force behind smart and EV friendly car parks by Yeet! Scale Up, in which we set up parking spaces starting at twenty charge points and integrate them with existing payment systems and barriers. The system is capable of supplying power to specific cars at the right times, so that cars parked for a relatively short period of time are given priority over cars that have been parked there longer. For larger parking lots, this means a practical and economical solution. Moreover, YEMS can gather all kinds of information that will give you insight into people's driving and charging behavior, type of car and much more.
Scale Up
Yeet! can modernize parking facilities by setting up a smart charging system for electric vehicles via Scale Up. With this, multiple charging points can be connected and controlled separately on a central computer, the Yeet! Energy Management System. Instead of constantly supplying power to each charge point, the software can read how much is needed per connected vehicle and which points do not need power. This ensures lower peaks and more efficient energy distribution. In order to look at the optimal installation options, we want to perform an accurate location analysis in advance as soon as you leave your details with us.
Yeet! is happy to help you
Finding out what is suitable for your business is not always easy. We are therefore happy to help you. We come and do a site analysis beforehand to see which options are best for you and your company. Which products are placed on which scale and when? These are questions that we discuss with you in order to achieve the best results together. Investing in the future, yeet! helps you further. Please contact us via our contact page.
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