For businesses, it is important to keep innovating. Future-proof investments play a major role in this. The application of solutions by yeet! that focus on EV-charging is such an investment. At yeet! you will find several possibilities to equip your terrain, car park or dealership with electric charging solutions.
Why innovate and invest in solutions by yeet!? Because electricity is the future. In 2020, the number of electric cars on the road is doubled compared to the previous year. Responding to the booming electric market is therefore increasingly important. You even get various financial benefits when opting for electric solutions. Using our charging systems in your business is not only good on a moral and ethical level, it becomes a really valuable investment. Businesses can take several steps to make this happen. Yeet! can help you with this from start to finish, and on every scale.

The possibilities for yeet! partners The integration of our charging solutions within your company can take place on varying levels. From offering charging cards for your employees or customers to installing a charging system in your car park, yeet! will find the best possibilities together with you.
Solutions on a small scale
On a small scale, there are many charging solutions available. We may be talking about 'small scale’ here, but even these solutions have a big impact. When you first integrate electric charging solutions, starting small is not a bad idea. You will find out that this relatively small investment pays off rather soon. You can always expand charging solutions like yeet! Scale Up afterwards.
Charging cards
Our charging cards come in handy if you want to push electric driving among your employees or customers, or when you already use electric lease cars. After all, you need a charging card to refuel. This is not only the case for yeet! charging stations, but for almost every public charging stations. One upside of choosing yeet! charging cards: they have the lowest transaction costs: €0.12 including VAT per charge, without subscription fees.
EV chargers
You can also buy charging stations to enable employees and customers to charge their cars or other vehicles on your premises. This has a positive effect on the environment and therefore the morale of your company, but also on your wallet. You can offer parking space for free or against a certain rate. Visitors are likely to stay longer at your location to charge their cars, possibly resulting in additional transactions. Our charging points can be equipped with 5G, sensors, microphones and more. If you have extra parking space, you can expand with Scale Up and collect all kinds of data. With a modern design and a generous power supply of up to 44kW, our charging stations surely meet all your needs.
Wall boxes
Do you prefer a smaller solution? Then our wall boxes are perfect for you. Wall boxes are usually attached to the wall and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can therefore easily install a wall box in your garage or, for example, your dealership. However, wall boxes do supply less energy than charging stations. Depending on the model, a wall box can supply up to 22 kW of power.
The wall boxes can be installed on a wall or pole mounted, we leave that choice to you. If you wish to install more than one charging station or wall box, there are various options available that are explained below.
Large-scale charging solutions
Yeet! is happy to assist if you want to make an even bigger impact, either all at once, or with Scale Up after the successful application of smaller solutions. Our large-scale charging solutions are suitable for larger car parks or vacant lots full of potential.
Yeet! Energy Management System connects all charging stations and wall boxes to a central hub, and even possible barriers and payment systems. The EVA9 software ensures that these intelligent points can also be managed via YEMS. All information is stored in one secured place, giving you a direct overview of all possible data concerning energy consumption of your EV charging system.
Power Stations
A yeet! Power Station is in fact an electric filling station, but much cheaper. Electric cars, buses and even trucks can easily be charged with our Power Stations, with a capacity of 350 kW per charge. Yeet! will take care of the installation (costs), ensuring profit from day one. If you have a suitable site in mind, this is the investment you should make. It’s future-proof, sustainable and relatively safe. There is limited space per region for commercial placement of fast chargers, so there are criteria to determine the potential locations of our Power Stations. Leave your details, and we will contact you for a detailed analysis.
Invest in the future with yeet!
Finding out what kind of investment is suitable for your company is not always easy. That is why we gladly help you with this process. We will do an analysis beforehand to see which options are best for you and your company. Think about which products you would like to have installed, on which scale and when. These are questions that we discuss with you to achieve the best outcome together. If you invest in the future, yeet! will help you further. Please contact us via our contact page.
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