Charging solutions

Whether you are looking for a charging system for your garage, or a complete charging station next to the provincial road, yeet! can provide a solution. Whether you want to start small and expand later on, or electrify an entire city in one fell swoop, we can help you. Yeet! has products, services and solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and government bodies. Yeet! will make your location future-proof, from public spaces like museums and city halls to private car parks for companies and garages.
Each location requires different, specific charging solutions. In addition, the end justifies the means. What do you want to achieve in the short or long term with the implementation of electric charging solutions at your site?

With our extensive, innovative products, we can find a suitable solution for every possible location. Yeet! Power Systems develops, produces and installs charging solutions for everyone.

On this page, we focus on suitable charging solutions for possible large-capacity locations:
As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep innovating. Future-proof investments are a big part of that. Applying the EV-charging solutions of yeet! is such an investment. At yeet! you will find different possibilities to upgrade your terrain, car park or dealership with electric charging solutions. From single wall boxes to complete yeet! Energy Management Systems.
Public authorities
Cities never stop growing. They grow along with their inhabitants, with the economy, but most of all, with time. The reality is that the times we live in call for innovative, sustainable solutions. These could be charging stations on public car parks, or even the complete electrification of a 'Smart City'. Discover the possibilities with yeet!.
Public spaces
Parking your car is something to think about when you’re going out for the day. In the near future, even shorter visits to, for example, a town hall, will be combined with a charge for the electric car. No matter how long cars are parked, yeet! will offer you the tools to facilitate this change in the best possible way.
Our wide range of parking spaces has been especially developed considering the explosive growth of the number of electric vehicles on the road. Facilitating electric chargers at car parks therefore plays a major role in our vision. Charging options along the freeway are slowly but surely getting replaced by charging at home or at the destination. Drivers of electric cars are more often looking for parking areas with EV chargers. Yeet! can help you at every scale.
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