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Speed is key. Help create a fast charging network and be ready for the future with today's fastest power stations.
yeet! Power Stations
When you're on the road and need to charge your electric vehicle, you don't want to have to wait endlessly to get to your next destination. Yeet! Power Stations redefine the word fast charging. Our fast chargers offer the possibility of fast charging up to 350 kW.

Our Power Station is a modern filling station for electric cars, busses and trucks, with the fastest chargers and low kW-hour rates.
Yeet! Power Station

Wenn Sie unterwegs sind und Ihr Elektrofahrzeug aufladen müssen, möchten Sie nicht endlos warten, bis Sie weiterfahren können. Yeet! Power Stations definieren das Wort Schnellladung neu. Unsere Schnellladegeräte bieten Ladeleistungen bis zu 350 kW. Unsere Power Station ist eine moderne Tankstelle für Elektroautos, Transporter und LKWs, mit den schnellsten Ladegeräten und günstigen Kilowattstunden-Tarifen.

Statistiken yeet! Power Station

We have all statistics concerning electric driving and the percentages of electric cars per country, region or area. These statistics are updated every two weeks and include the latest sales figures, types of cars, charging behavior and the consumption of kW per km.
We place our fast chargers preferably at a convenient location. We place the yeet! Power Station if you have a nice location that meets our criteria. Per region there is limited commercial space to install our fast chargers. Therefore, we have some criteria for the locations. You can find these criteria in our brochure. The preliminary financing is done through a credit check.

Yeet! takes care of...
  • Placement of yeet! Power Station(s). All work related to installation
  • Financing
  • Maintenance
  • Exploitation of fast chargers
Yeet! Exploitatie B.V. rents a minimum of three parking spaces from you as a yeet! operator for a period of 10 years. You receive a monthly fee for this. This fee depends on the favorable location and whether the location meets our criteria.

What’s in it for you?

  • You earn from the placement of a charging station. We offer you an operating proposal for the placement of a charging station including insurance against any start-up losses.
  • Your customers get exclusive access to the yeet! Power Stations network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • You can provide your customers with a yeet! charging card that entitles them to cheaper fast charging within your region.
  • If you are interested and want more information, please request a brochure or make an appointment. Then we can discuss the possibilities together.
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