Wall boxes

Yeet! offers various wall boxes for both business and private use. For example, if you are a car dealer and you want to provide power to a car in the showroom, we can install an electric charger for you. We ensure that the product is ready to use at your desired location, depending on the possibilities.

Suitable for any situation

Our wall boxes are compact, robust and can easily be attached to almost any wall. They are user-friendly and can communicate with other smart products and OCPP management systems within your company. Models such as the Ratio Home Box have an adjustable charge current and are available with a kWh meter. They also respond to flexible energy tariffs and have dynamic load balancing. Depending on the model, you can supply up to 22 kW of power.

Would you like a detailed quotation for the delivery and installation of your charge point? You can leave your details with us so that we can contact you and draw up a plan. During installation, we consider your wishes and the possibilities in the area. If you want lettering or signs at your location, we can also take care of this for you.
Ratio Home Box
  • €423.00 – €665.00 excl. VAT
  • Charging current adjustable
  • Quality product of Ratio
  • Maximum load of 16A or 32A
  • Available with socket or fixed cable
  • Also available with spiral cable Water resistant IP65
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • Available with kWh meter
ICU EVe Single S-Line
  • €649.00 – €739.00 excl. VAT
  • Compact and robust housing
  • 7.4kW 1-phase available
  • Very user-friendly
  • UTP connected back office
  • Mounting on wall or on base
  • With socket or fixed cable of 5 or 8 meters
ICU EVe Single Pro-Line
  • €975.00 – €1.548,00 excl. VAT
  • Compact and robust housing
  • From 3.7kW up to 22kW single-phase or three-phase available
  • Very user-friendly
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • SIM connected back office
  • Wall or base mounting
  • With socket or fixed cable of 5 or 8 meters
ICU EVe Double Pro-line
  • €2.475,00 – €2.845,00 excl. VAT
  • 7 inch (ca. 18 cm) wide high-resolution colour display
  • Robust housing and stylish design
  • Integrated earth leakage switch
  • Easy to operate
  • Wall or pole mounted
  • Renault Z.E. Ready
Which wall box suits you?
Our experts will be happy to advise you on the most suitable options for your location, for example about the possible exploitation options for the next ten years and the expected growth from our analysis. Download our brochure or leave your details, so that we can contact you.
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