One of the most important products in the arsenal of yeet! are the powerful but durable transformers. Our products and solutions start with large substations, i.e., the transformers that convert high voltage to lower city voltages. These can be connected to the yeet! Energy Management System (YEMS), that enables you to control charging infrastructures.
In short, the transformers serve as a first step in a larger process to create smart and sustainable infrastructures. This can be done through Scale Up, Power Stations, the Energy Grid or other products and services. Not only does this underline our focus on innovative solutions, our philosophy is also reflected in the way our transformers are constructed. Our machinery is oil cooled, which is collected in an underground, sealed Faraday cage. This greatly reduces the risk of environmental pollution or overheating.

The transformers are not only capable of generating power from high-voltage pylons and converting it to a lower voltage, but also of storing energy generated by solar panels, for example. This energy can then be distributed to the neighborhood, creating smarter cities. A better energy distribution is an important part of the process of making neighborhoods self-sufficient, in terms of generating and storing power. The possibility of storing energy in the transformers also helps to prevent wastage of generated power.
Normally, the large transformers are hidden in typical stone transformer houses that you recognize in many places. Yeet! has special housings called CeTur's, an abbreviation of the Spanish Centro especial de Transformación urbano. These are available in various models, all equipped with LCD or LED screens. This makes it possible for customers to advertise, thus generate extra income via the housing.
The CeTur housings have a modern, striking look that fits perfectly into an urban environment. But more importantly, they offer good protection against radiation, overheating and other risks. They can also be equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to offer internet access to visitors in your car park. The substations have a capacity of up to 1000 kVA in 20kV or 30kV networks. Our CeTur's have already been installed in many locations, but we are excited to continue the roll-out.
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