Scale Up

Yeet! believes that electrifying our fleet makes a positive impact for the future of our children. Just like all our solutions, Scale Up is based on technological innovations and the desires of many companies, in multiple branches. With the shift from fossil fuel vehicles to electrically powered transport, we see many opportunities to deploy or upgrade a charging infrastructure.
A good example is that not many buildings currently have enough chargers for electric cars, while the desire to upgrade is certainly there. If a certain car park requires multiple charging points to accommodate and connect electric vehicles, we would like to point you towards yeet! Scale Up. Scale Up means that we equip or extend car parks with charging points connected to a central hub called a yeet! Energy Management System, or YEMS.
Innovative and intelligent
Our concept starts at 20 charge points and can be expanded to as many as 2000 points. Utilizing YEMS, these charge points together form one network that can receive and send data and power. This technology opens many new doors for companies, museums, sports complexes, hotel chains and even municipalities with parking spaces. Scale Up is a lot cheaper and more practical than many other similar systems. Installation costs are up to 40 percent lower than the average for an extension of similar scale. The total investment and usage is up to less than 50 percent of old EV systems, while installation, maintenance and EVA9 software are already included.
A major advantage of yeet! Scale Up, is that the charge points work together intelligently and only receive power when needed. Standard charging stations are often equipped with superfluous features, making the price higher than necessary. Moreover, a way of communicating with the charging stations often lacks. Not with yeet! Scale Up, because thanks to YEMS, integration with other components, such as barriers or payment and management systems, is possible. An electric vehicle that is fully charged can still occupy a connected parking space, which means that the price for charging is transferred to the parking tariff that applies to the location in question. A parking space to which a charge point is connected may also be occupied by a vehicle that is not electric. In that case, the vehicle is simply not supplied with electricity.
What does yeet! Scale Up consist of?
For those interested in yeet! Scale Up, we offer a package consisting of a yeet! Energy Management System including ready-to-use EVA9 software and at least 20 charge points, up to a maximum of 68. This number can be expanded from the start, or later. Thanks to YEMS, the charge points are ready for back-to-grid right after installation. In other words, they can receive and supply electricity. A maximum of four charge points can be connected per plug point, which means that four parked cars can be charged at the same time per charge point.
Do you want to expand?
You can opt for an expansion set with extra plug points, whereby you can choose between 1, 2 or 4 charging points per plug point. With a basic set including YEMS, location owners can get a total of 68 charging points, a maximum of 4 times 12 charging points. If more are needed, you can go for a new basic set with a maximum of 68 charging points again. This set is easy to integrate into the existing network. An alternative is to expand with more or less free choice for the maximum expected number of charge points. Additional options are possible in consultation. For example, assigning fast chargers to specific plug points, integration with parking systems, car sharing and e-bike sharing.
Is Scale Up something for you?
For location owners, we have two operating models: one based on shared revenue and one based on joint participation. This way, you turn your parking space into a profit center. If you are interested in yeet! Scale Up, then we would like to point you to our exploitation page.

Would you like a quote? We do not only give advice on the EV charging network we think is approrioate, we also give the corresponding exploitation options for the next ten years along with the expected growth. The price always includes installation and connection costs as well as any additional basic fees.
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