Fast chargers

With a fast charger from yeet!, you are ready for the future. We have the most sophisticated and powerful charging stations, which can supply energy very efficiently. Moreover, we charge low kW prices for powering electric vehicles. We don’t charge ‘highway fees’.
You can see our yeet! Power Stations as modern filling stations, intended for all kinds of electric cars, (delivery) buses and trucks. These modern charging stations deliver 350 kW in one charge, or 175 kW when two cars have to charge simultaneously. Yeet! takes care of the costs and work preceding the use of the Power Station, such as the construction and software installation, but also provides maintenance.

The only thing you have to do is make your location available, and you will reap the benefits of the cooperation. Moreover, profit is guaranteed from day one. If you are interested, please leave your details below. We will then contact you. We are looking for top locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany to place a yeet! Power Station. The roll-out has already started!
The look of a yeet! Power Station
To protect against flooding and collision damage, the station stands on a small platform. The yeet! Power Stations come with stainless-steel housing including yeet! logo, LED lighting and built-in space for advertising. If you want your own logo on a fast charger, you will get a custom housing. The difference with the yeet! Power Station is purely cosmetic, in terms of functionality they are identical.
Exploitation of fast chargers
If you are interested in the exploitation of a fast charger, please leave your details. We will carry out a feasibility study for the location, to discover if the investment is profitable. We have statistics like numbers and types of car, or expected kW's per km. Afterwards, we can make you a unique offer. Our analysis predicts growth for the next ten years. Investment risks are limited in our exploitation model. We explain everything in detail and leave the choice to you. As a location provider, you have two options to choose from, revenue sharing or through participation.
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