Charging cards

Public charging facilities for electric vehicle owners are getting better, but you need a charging card before you can make use of these. No need to worry, however, because we can provide you with unique yeet! cards. You can order these cards for individual use, or to facilitate in charging vehicles at work for your staff, for example.

With a yeet! charging card in your pocket, you will have no trouble charging your electric car, whether it is a Tesla, BMW i3 or Hyundai Kona. Giving the option to pay with our app on your phone is something we are planning to add down the road. The transaction costs for charging with a yeet! charging card are below average, namely €0.12 including VAT per charge, without subscription fees.

The yeet! charging card can give you, your employees or your customers the opportunity to charge electrically at one of the yeet! Power Stations or other public charging stations. Moreover, with us, you have coverage in multiple countries, and you are not bound by subscription costs. For a one-off fee of €5.00 excl. VAT, you will receive a nice yeet! keychain.

Benefits of yeet! charging cards:
  • Coverage of multiple countries in Europe
  • Low kWh prices at yeet! Power Stations
  • Can be used at all kinds of charging stations
  • No subscription fee
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