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To be well-prepared for the transition to all-electric infrastructure and to proactively contribute towards it, Yeet! has an extensive range of products for individuals, companies, governmental bodies and public locations. No matter the questions you may have regarding electric charging at your location, we’ll have the answer.

With our smart and sustainable products, we can meet all your needs when it comes to building or upgrading your own charging network. Whether it is the electrification of an outdated car park, the installation of a brand new yeet! Power Station or mutual integration with existing management systems thanks to the software of EVA9; yeet! helps you to be ready for the future.

Below you will find the different products in our portfolio. We have in-depth knowledge and modern technology, which we combine to provide various services and solutions. In consultation with you, we can deliver custom-made solutions. We understand that different situations require different solutions.
Fast chargers
Our yeet! Power Stations charge electric vehicles faster than any other fast charger, with a capacity of up to 350 kW. What's more, they can divide energy intelligently between the connected vehicles, and give priority to the ones that only stay for a short period. You never have to wait long.

We charge low kW prices at our Power Stations and offer the option to pay using a charging card. When our app launches, we will also add the option to pay with your smartphone. Regarding the exploitation of Power Stations, location owners have several options to choose from.
yeet! Scale Up
Yeet! Scale Up is a good choice for small and large car parks. This unique and innovative system allows you to equip existing parking spaces with smart charging points that can be interconnected.

The advanced yeet! Energy Management System controls the charging points individually when Scale Up is installed. If you decide to invest in the future by choosing our system, you will reap the benefits from day one. Do you want to expand later on? Even that is possible, just let us know.
EV chargers
Are you interested in having EV chargers installed to power electric cars? Yeet delivers them in various types and sizes, so there's something for everyone. If you want to go for elegance, go for the Elinta CityCharge. You can have our charging stations installed as individual products or as part of yeet! Scale Up. Either way, you'll always get the best deal!
Wall boxes
For small business or private use, yeet! wall boxes are a modest alternative. Below you will find various models with inventive features and installation options. Yeet! promises maximum charging speeds and up-to-date energy tariffs.

Our wall boxes can be installed on your wall, but they can also be set up as charging stations. We always deliver them turn-key. If you have any wishes, we like to think along with you about matters such as the location, the connection with OCPP systems and practically everything else that comes with the installation of your own charger.
Charging passes
To be able to charge an electric vehicle, you will need special charging cards. You can get these at yeet!. You will find the lowest prices and the best benefits only with us, from cards for individuals to cards for your business or personnel.
Difficult energy problems ask for innovative and smart solutions. Moving to a newer, more efficient energy distribution starts with upgrading or replacing the current transformers.

Yeet! has its own transformers that can be connected to high-voltage pylons. These transformers are suitable for products like the yeet! Power Stations, but also for creating Smart Cities.
EVA9 software
Our solutions and services would not be possible without the smart EVA9 software. After all, it is only possible to control systems and connect them seamlessly if you can communicate with them.

Innovative devices simply require innovative software to function properly. This is where EVA9 comes in. With EVA9, we are able to store data in the cloud and create one large database, from which devices and systems can be managed intelligently. It's not just about powering Scale Up systems or Power Stations, but equally about creating helpful insights for cities.
Would you like a quote for one or more of our products? Or do you have questions about which options are most suitable for you? We are happy to think along with you, and give advice on which EV solution best fits your location and situation. We can also use our knowledge, insights and statistics to perform accurate analyses, so we can predict the expected growth and see which investment makes the most sense. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
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