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Your personal data

You come into contact with yeet! by charging your electric car at one of our yeet! Power Stations: what happens to your personal data? In this privacy statement, we would like to explain a number of things, so you understand what exactly happens.

What is yeet!?

Yeet! is a provider of electric charging infrastructure. Think of your local charging station. But also your local yeet! Power Station: a location where you can fast-charge two cars at the same time!

Head office

Our head office is in the Netherlands. To be exact at:
Landdrostlaan 51
7327 GM, Apeldoorn

Contact privacy questions or complaints

If you wish to contact us regarding privacy, you can do so via:
[email protected]

You can also send a letter to:
yeet! Power Systems
Attn. Data Protection Officer
Landdrostlaan 51
7327 GM Apeldoorn

You can call us on:
(+31) 055-7440150

What personal data does yeet! collect?

Yeet! collects information from you as a user - when you use a charge point - when you charge at one of our charge points, or - when you use one of our yeet! cards - when you enter a car park with our card.

Do you have a yeet! account? Then yeet! also collects the following data from you.

The private user of a yeet! account

As a private user of our yeet! accounts, we are aware of the following personal information:

  1. Name, address, place of residence, country, telephone number and country code;
  2. Email address and password;
  3. Whether you have agreed with the general terms and conditions;
  4. Whether you receive our newsletter.

We use this information so that we:

  1. Can process your invoice;
  2. Let you can log in to your Yeet account;
  3. Can comply with our legal obligations;
  4. Do not send you an unsolicited newsletter.

The business user of a yeet! account

As a business user of one of our yeet! accounts, the following personal data is known to us:

  1. Name of company contact, company name, company address, company city, company country, telephone number and country code of company contact;
  2. Email address of company contact and company contact's email address and password;
  3. Whether you have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions, Chamber of Commerce number and country of registration, VAT number and country of registration;
  4. Whether you receive our newsletter.

Your rights to personal data

Of course, sharing your personal data also comes with rights. The privacy law (the AVG) has a number of rights that we will explain to you below:

The right to transfer your data

If you no longer wish to use our services, you can, of course, choose to become a customer of another provider of electrical charging infrastructure. There too, they will probably register certain data about you. To make this switch easier, the privacy law has established the right to 'data portability'. By this data portability, we mean that your data can be taken with you to the other provider. In this way, you can have your data sent to you, after which you can use it again with another provider. You may also request us to send the data directly to the other provider.

The right to have your data deleted

In addition to being able to take your data with you when you become a customer with another provider, you also have the right to have your data deleted if you are no longer a customer of ours. Due to some tax obligations (such as registration for the tax authorities), we cannot delete all data, but we can delete all unnecessary data.

Do you want us to remove your data? If so, please e-mail this request to [email protected] From the moment we receive your request, we have four weeks to remove your data. You will of course receive a confirmation from us that we have received and implemented your request. That is nice.

The right to see your data

We keep talking about "your data" here, but what data is it really about? In order to have insight into this, the privacy law provides the right to inspect your data. If you would like to request inspection, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

When you request access to your data, we have four weeks to send you a copy of your data. As with a request to delete your data, we will send you a confirmation that your request has been received.

The right to have your information corrected

Is your data not correct? That is annoying and we would like to solve it for you. You can request this by sending an e-mail to [email protected] We will send you a confirmation when we have received your request, after which we will have carried it out within four weeks. When it is done, we will let you know.

Protecting your personal data

The storage of personal data requires security. We think that is logical. Yeet! therefore sees to it that your data always get the best possible protection.

Automated decision-making

In automated decision-making, a computer uses your data to make decisions. At yeet! we believe that the human connection is crucial in decision-making. That is why we have chosen not to use automated decision-making. We like this idea more.

Sharing data with third parties

Yeet! thinks we should not share your information with third parties, unless we really have to. Even then, we find it important to share as little as possible. Fortunately, we can do everything ourselves. Also, we do not share data with third parties. That's a good thing, and it's also very safe.

How long your data is kept

Of course, we can't store your information forever. After the hereafter mentioned period ends, we delete everything related to your account. We at yeet! find this a very normal part of your privacy. We do this to ensure that we can be of service to you in the best possible way, that we can comply with our legal obligations, and most importantly, that we can guarantee your privacy. Therefore, we use different retention periods.

  • We delete yeet! accounts that have not been used for 7 years. The information given to us when creating that account is also deleted.
  • We also keep information about payments from you as a customer for 7 years. We are obliged to do so by the tax authorities. After that, they are made anonymous and are only used for internal statistics and reports.
  • We do not store other data any longer than we absolutely have to. We think it is not a good thing if all kinds of information about anyone is used again and again.
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