yeet! Power
Thanks to the latest technological developments, combined with state-of-the-art software (EVA9), we are able to offer important solutions in an era that demands intelligent charging systems and efficient distribution of electricity. With yeet! Power, you are ready for the future.

Thanks to up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering, and of the social issues surrounding the electrification of our transport, yeet! can provide innovative products, services and solutions that make for smarter and more efficient day-to-day electricity usage.
Find a charging point
In need of electrical power and looking for a charging point nearby? Charge your vehicle at one of our unique stations. We have an overview of all the charging points that are connected to our network in the Netherlands and Europe. You can see all the available points at a glance and set a route to the nearest location.
yeet! Scale Up
Yeet! believes that electrification of our transport contributes to a better future for the next generation. Yeet! Scale Up is a public, cost-effective charging solution, and comes with EVA9 software, on which the whole system runs. It is perfectly suitable for all kinds of car parks, big or small. Yeet! Scale Up consists of multiple charge points that are connected to a central hub, called the yeet! Energy Management System (YEMS). With YEMS, each charge point will receive the right amount of power at the right moment, without sacrificing regular parking spaces.
yeet! Power Stations
When you are on the road and need to charge your vehicle, you don't want to sit and wait endlessly until you can continue your journey. Yeet! Power Stations redefine the words ‘fast charging’. Our powerful stations offer the possibility of fast charging up to 350 kW, which makes them the most powerful stations to date. Yeet! Power Stations are therefore suitable as a modern filling station for electric cars, buses and trucks. Yeet! has the best chargers with the lowest prices per kilowatt-hour.

Ready for the future with yeet!

Fast charging is at the heart of yeet! Power Systems. If you require electrical power, you can charge at one of our modern Power Stations. In case you are looking for an EV charger at home, we offer our various products within that range as well. Our portfolio also includes specific charging solutions for various business sectors. Do you have any questions or want to leave a comment? Or would you like a quotation? Please visit our contact page. We are happy to help you.

A smart charging solution for everyone

Yeet! believes that electrifying our vehicles and infrastructure will certainly benefit the future of our children. This transition ensures better mobility, less CO2 emissions and more positive effects on the world around us. But electrification alone is not enough. We must take a whole new approach on mobility, energy consumption, and technology if we are to create a sustainable future.

All yeet! companies are working on this in a smart and reliable way. With modern power stations, EV chargers, smart systems for car parks and efficient transformers, among other things, yeet! strives to play a key role in upgrading the charging network in the Benelux and Germany. In regards to corporate responsibility, sustainability and efficient power consumption are both important concerns.

On a weekly basis, we all spend a lot of time on public roads. During our trips, we come across many petrol stations, but when it comes to electric charging, there is room for improvement. Yeet! strives for a greener world where charging vehicles is no longer a concern, and wants to work on this together. We would like to join forces with everyone who shares our vision, from individuals to companies to cities.

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